Wednesday, October 22, 2008


No Big News

I haven't posted anything in a few months, oops. It's not like I have forgotten to do it either, it's just I haven't any news. Since August, I have been focused on strickly walking. I go to the Y every day and walk laps on the small basketball court. It's 120 round trip and I do between 8 to 10 trips everyday. Roughly 800 - 1200 feet daily. I have also started walking in our yard in the afternoons. The grass is tricky, but I haven't fallen yet. When I say "walk" it's what I consider a hybrid walk. I use my back some to help because my core muscles are still weak. All in all I am still working at my recovery and seeing improvements. It's just SLOW. I think a snail passed me the other day, crazy snail, he's just going to have to wait til I get there too! I keep moving forward though, that's the main thing.


oh GO DAWGS, no matter how bad we are this year it's always "forever maroon and white"

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Shepherd Trip

Not really anything to report here. I am scheduled to go to Atlanta on June 26th for an evaluation at Shepherd Center. We'll see what they have to say then!


Monday, May 19, 2008


Quick Note.

Just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten to post. I was waiting on some info to come around before I did. So far, I have scheduled to go back the Shepherd Center in Atlanta on June 2 (This has changed as of 5/20. I am talking to a different dept and the schedule is different in outpaitent PT vs. Day Program.) We are working thru the details right now. I am going to get an evaluation of where I stand and what we need to focus on. As I have said, I have everything back working to a point but for some reason it's not all in sync. This is a common problem from what I have read. We need expert advice on what to do! As soon as I know more I will let you in on the info too.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend. We are cooking crawfish saturday for a boat club party. I have been busy ordering food and getting list together along with rehab.

Thanks for all the post you have been putting up. Hello to Gita in Sweden hope you visit again soon, Jeannette hope all is well with the family, hello Danny and Sherry keep the river traffic moving up there. Sandy, I will probally see your parents in a week or so. Jason, et al. in Savannah try to maintain the peace until August...can't wait until football season kicks off again!

See you all later!


Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Small Report

So it's been right around a month since my last past, I decided to go ahead and put up a small report on whats been happening. I am on my routine of going to the Y daily and trying new stuff to work different muscles. My latest endeavor is standing on one leg with the other one on an exercise ball bringing my knee forward. This is a great hip flexor workout. Progress report on walking: after lunch on Easter I walked across our field from the pool house to the mail boxes, around 700 feet or so over rough terrain. On 4-6, I walked from our house to the mail boxes in 40 minutes, about 850 - 900 feet. That's about all for right now.

Talk to you all soon.


Saturday, March 08, 2008


Welcome back, my old friend!

Is it a six month check up or what?! I really doubted that anyone still checked this thing until I was sent a message via my Aunt's sister in PA. So I decided that maybe I should update and do it soon. Let's get it going then! First off, I am still here and still making slow improvements. My schedule has changed and programs have switched a lot. I am working out at the YMCA mon, wed, and fri for a few hours each day doing alittle bit of everything from elliptical, weight machines, etc. Greg, Amy and Dad help me there with the different things I need to do, really I just do what they tell me what to do (most of the time ha ha). Tues and Thurs I am working out with Joe still, but probally going to change that this coming week or so and go to the Y on those days to. We are working on hip flexor muscle strength, which had us scratching our heads for awhile until I came across some info on the net which has helped. I have gotten brave enough in the past 2 weeks to walk around in the house by myself with my loft strands. I just do small distances of 10-20 feet at a time then sit and go again. I have been given "homework" to do in my spare time to work on smaller muscles that need stuff let me tell ya. I also have dropped the dose of muscle relaxors I have been taking because I thought it was holding me back, and it was so I am able to move more and the spasms are not any worse. Just call me doctor J. What else, hum you would think after six months there would be more but not really. Overall though everything has been getting better and better. Greg and I have decided to go back to Shepherd Center sometime soon and get evaluated and use some of their new technology we have seen to add to my progress and get setup on some program. That will get me set up in the right direction for more progress.

Hope that small bit of info was enough. I tried to rattle off what I could so you kids know something about where I stand. For those of you that still stumle across this blog leave me a note so I know who is still looking in. I don't care if I know you in person or not I will still write you back!

Looking forward to warm weather, sunny skies and cold beverages! Keep on doing what you do and I will do the same!


Oh yeah, It's my birthday on March 10th so I will be expecting a party!

Monday, September 24, 2007


Slow Week

Last week I was shooting for the one mile mark but it didn't happen. There was good reason though, I was nursing a tender left knee. I either twisted it a little or strained the quad muscle. Either way when I walked it would buckle from pain...the funny part is that I still can't fell direct pain but the muscle can so it would let me know fast it didn't want a lot of pressure on it. I walked on it for shorter time periods and shorter distances. Today, 9-24, I used the elliptical machine at the Y for a change. It wasn't bad, I managed to hang in there for 30 minutes (on the machine for an hour), sweat dripping, legs shaking and the once quiet voice in my head now saying, "what the hell, scooter?". It's all good. (Keep this quiet, a secret between you and me, I didn't use the elliptical machine when I was walking, let alone anything else in a gym!)

Better news: My DAWGS are 3-1, for a short time I fear. "Wrap this one in Maroon and White" cause I'm done!


Friday, September 14, 2007


Treadmill Update

Fooled you huh? I didn't wait three, six, or nine months to update, haha! So, it's friday, another football weekend ahead of us and an update from me, the world is spinning right on its axis. This was my 9th time on the treadmill and I am gaining ground. I walked a total of 32 minutes at 1.2 - 1.3 mph almost 3/4 of a mile. My legs are starting to lift better and keep pace with the machine, woo hoo!!!!! Our goal for next week is to walk one mile within 40 minutes. Ok that's about it for right now.

Go Dawgs!!!

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